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R. King & Co. takes a client-centered approach to the management of your oil & gas royalty: Our one goal is to maximize the value of your family’s oil and gas property.

As a mineral management service company, we provide mineral owners with the expertise they need to increase income and protect their oil and gas property. Effectively managed mineral leases and oil & gas royalty means more money for you and your family!

Over 45-Years of Oil and Gas Leasing Experience

For years, family LLCs, businesses, and individuals have relied on us to manage their valuable oil and gas leasing nationwide. Our hard work has earned the trust, loyalty, and respect of clients who would never go anywhere else.

Loyalty & Trust: Mineral Management
Service You Can Rely On

We treat even the smallest client with equal respect and attention. No client is too big or too small. We strategically approach every situation with a customized process to fit your needs.

We are your advocates. We put your needs first. Interested in maximizing your oil and gas royalty? Contact us today and let’s get started!


“We transform dormant minerals into income producing assets.”
– Richard King IV

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