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Our single focus is to transform your dormant oil & gas minerals into income producing assets. From small tracts to large agribusinesses, R. King & Co.’s mineral development services has garnered respect and trust from all our clients for over 20-years. We’ve helped many clients become financially independent for generations.

Regardless of the size of your property, we’ll assess the potential value of your minerals. If they look promising, then we’ll collaborate with you to develop a plan on a budget you can afford.

We will prepare a presentation package with maps, ownership records and production history and aggressively market your minerals for lease to the finest exploration and production operators in your region. Many of whom we may already know, personally. We will then aggressively negotiate a modern lease with the most favorable terms possible to maximize your family’s income potential.

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Let us know the story of your minerals. We serve you, as your advocate. Give us a call and let’s assess the potential of transforming your minerals into income producing assets!

“We transform dormant minerals into income producing assets.” – Richard King IV

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